Dr. Dale Bartek PT, DPT

Founder of TherX

With a background as a collegiate athlete, my own experiences battling aches, pains and injuries are a huge part of what led me to what I do today.

After earning my doctorate degree, I took my first job as a physical therapist in an outpatient orthopedic and sports clinic in Las Vegas, Nevada. 

After three years, I became so burnt out and frustrated with the restrictions of the traditional healthcare system and the level of care that was being provided. It was the same frustrating experience I had gone through years prior with my own injuries… (overcrowded waiting rooms, insurance restrictions, overworked therapists, and a relentless push for medications and expensive surgery.)

This is when I began searching for a better solution that would make a higher level of one-on-one, results driven, conservative treatment solutions available to anyone, anytime, anywhere.

TherX was founded as a premier online system centered on real, long lasting results. Simply put, I wanted to create the system and programs that I wish had existed for me. Over the last 5 years, these systems have helped over 1000 people all over the world make lasting changes to their health, get in better shape and get back to a pain free lifestyle that everyone deserves.