Let me take a look at what's going on and give you my best advice.

(I'm temporarily waiving a $150 assessment fee, so this costs you nothing.)

Here's Why I’m Doing This.

It's simple.

I know that a certain percentage of people I help for free will want to continue working with myself and my extremely qualified team.

But rather than try to convince you of how great that would be to overcome your aches and pains, I figured I'd just demonstrate how I can help you … by actually helping you for free.


What Makes This Different.

I care about you, your goals, and our reputation for helping people achieve real, sustainable results.

Therefore, I'm not going to put you in some lame program that is too generalized for your specific problem.

Everything that we do is 100% one-on-one with you and specific to your goals.


How it works...

Pick a time on my personal calendar below and fill out a short form to help me get prepared for when we talk.

Don't worry; it's nothing intrusive or complicated.


... the virtual call will be with me personally, right here in my office.

IF you like what I have to say, then we can talk about working together further.

My primary focus is to give you the best information and advice for your problem, for free, and let that experience speak for itself.

If you want to become a client after that, great. 

And if not, no pressure.

Rest assured this will be a very valuable call and you don't pay a single dime for it.

I look forward to speaking with you soon!


Dr. Dale Bartek PT, DPT


P.S. Get scheduled as soon as possible, typically no more than a day or two from today.

Here's why:

This is not scalable. It's a ton of work on my end to do these calls for free.

I want the best outcome for the people I work with… and the demand is HIGH.