How it works:


Step 1: Our process always begins with a 1-on-1 video assessment:


1. To make sure that we can help you (we only work with clients we are positive we can help).

2. To take a deeper look into your unique history, root causes of your issue, and overall goals.

3. To lay out a personalized game plan on how to get you back to as as close to 100% as possible.


After our assessment, if you decide that our help might be what you’re looking for, we will move forward with a personalized, results driven solution.


Step 2: The 3 Phase Shoulder Solution and the TherX app


Everything we do it 100% personalized, and results driven. We follow a 3 phased plan:

Reset: Decrease pain that's limiting function

Restore: Improve shoulder, scapular & spinal mobility, joint conditioning, and postural stability.

Reload: Improve long term joint health through dynamic strengthening and stability.